It’s Official – Trooper is a Mavigliano!


On Monday, Trooper became an official member of the Mavigliano family.  We had been out of town for just over a week, and missed our new little buddy.  I’m not sure the cats missed him too terribly much, but they seemed resigned to him joining the household and so far we haven’t had any problems.  Last night, Jazz joined myself and Trooper on the couch and was rewarded with a lick to the face:)  He wasn’t quite sure how to take the affection but he decided to just roll with it and settle in to cuddle.  I don’t think it will be too long before those two are fast friends.  Beau is still a little wary – but being Beau, as long as he gets his fill of attention, he moves on with life.

Trooper has been a little sick this week, he’s on medication, so he wasn’t his usual self at the Senior Living Center, we’re going to wait until he’s really rolling to get any videos.  I can tell you that when I went into the center to pick up Anthony and took Trooper for a walk, a couple of ladies were very concerned and were pretty adamant that I couldn’t walk out with the dog.  He has some protectors already!

Trooper’s home today, and resting – tired from a big week.  Thanks to everyone for your kind messages and I promise to keep you updated on Trooper progress!


It’s a tough life……


Here is a video of Trooper at work, cuddling with one of the residents of Sunrise Palo Alto.  He’s still settling int o our house.  Aside from the occasional bark if any of the cats happens to look like they may mess with his food or his new best friend his wheels, everyone seems to be getting along!

Walking with the cart….

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Trooper went for a decent walk today, unfortunately I haven’t been able to grab a good picture or video but promise I will post as soon as possible.   After convincing him to eat some of his special food we went for a walk in the cart and explored all the plants and trees.  It’s amazing how much more confident he is in the cart.  He actually gets along much better with other dogs when he is in the cart.  Anthony noticied it at work and I saw it today, a dog walked up to him and sniffed him – he didn’t react at all – first time I’ve seen that and I think it’s because he feels a little less intimidated when he knows he can get away quickly. 

He’s getting pretty proficient at moving around in the cart as well, feeling free to muck about in trees and bushes and confident that he has enough force to push the wheels up over curbs.  I wish I could thank the generous folks who donated the cart to Trooper – you have no idea how much of a difference it is making for him!

Working for His Keep

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For anyone who already knows Trooper, you’ll understand why his personality is perfectly suited to being a Therapy Dog at an Assisted Living Community.  Three days a week Trooper will be making the trip to Anthony’s work to spend time hanging out with the seniors and both bring them some sunshine and enjoy their company as well.  On his first day, the plan was for Trooper to take it easy and slowly get used to his new job.  Trooper had other plans – it’s pretty hard to keep him away from anyone who wants to provide attention!  He has quickly become a big hit and already people are asking for him at the front desk.

He’s already established his routine at the community.  The boys arrive early (7:30am) and Trooper takes a nice long nap until the breakfast rush.  As residents make their way to the restaurant – he greets them, basks in the attention and periodically makes his presence known to the other dogs.  After breakfast he naps until the lunch crew makes their way down.  Full swing greeting starts after lunch, then a nap, then a car ride home!

We will be posting a video of Trooper at work – we wanted to give him some time to get used to his role first!

Day 1: Meeting the Family


Trooper has finished his first night in our home and I have to say it went better than expected.  In our house he needs to contend with the two kitties who have been around for a while.  First we have Jazz , our older and wiser tom cat who’s been through alot and manages to keep on trucking.  He has diabetes and has some neuropathy in his hind legs.  Lately, B12 (on top of the insulin shots he receives and special food) has been really helping out.  He’s back to jumping up on everything and doing his best to get attention.  Jazz was a little unsettled by Trooper sitting on what he views as “his couch” but, in typical Jazz fashion he just rolled with it and took a nap on his blanket.

Next up is Beau.  He’s a younger and a little more aggressive tom cat.  Well known for bullying my mom’s sweet cat Angel and for being able to best some of my friends in a game of wits, Beau was a little more skeptical of Trooper.  He keeps getting close to try and figure out what is going on and then gets spooked when Trooper growls.  He didn’t hesitate last night to get up on the couch with Trooper however and they both coexisted fine.  I anticipate we might have some food battles and a little jealousy but as long as Beau gets attention he should be fine.

All in all, Trooper did great.  No accidents – although he barely makes it outside the door:) I don’t think he’s used to the early morning schedule we keep, so he was awfully sleepy this morning and not to motivated to walk when we went outside.  He went to work with Anthony today and fell back asleep almost instantly after getting into the car.  Today will be a light day with minimal interaction, he’s just going to sleep near Anthony to get used to his new role.

I leave you with a picture of Trooper heading into work!

Meet Trooper….

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Tara met Trooper a couple of weeks ago at the Humane Society Silicon Valley.  Trooper is a 10 year old Chihuahua Mix who happens to have suffered some serious back and leg injuries that have impacted his ability to get around.  He’s an incredibly sweet dog and Tara was instantly smitten!  Not sure if its the huge button eyes, the cute little submissive grin or the determined gait but trying to provide Trooper a great home became priority #1.  We are working on introducing him to our current babies Beau and Jazz and hoping that everyone can get along and co-exist.  We will keep you updated as we progress and also let you know about the different treatments and any progress Trooper makes.

Trooper is also going to be put to work as Anthony is going to train him to be a senior therapy dog.  He’s going to head into work with Anthony 3 days a week and charm the seniors with his inspirational story and his “can-do” spirit.

Much more to come but wanted everyone to meet the newest of the Mavigliano crew!

Meet Trooper (formerly Pico)!

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